Fate/Grand Order | Abyss of Decadence by Okada Rio

14 Dec 2019

深淵のデカダンス - 岡田梨央
Tokugawa Kaiten Labyrinth - Ooku TVCM Song

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AOST 2 years ago

Translated Lyrics:

Now be welcome to the labyrinth of pleasure
Into the mist of enjoyment and lust
As you get lured into the deepest part
Of the drowning sweet decadence
Like being accepted when you cry for hard days
If you peek into the abyss...

You will get to reach the pleasure of your own flaws and depravity
And be engulfed by a whirlpool of sweet nectar
Is this a punishment? Or a reward?
Questions and answers surges from naivety
This is just a fleeting dream you throw yourself into
Exploring far into the deep inner chambers

A dazzling and melting burning passion
That will reduce your former self to ashes
The twisted nights whispers
Seductive silly words
Like from the plot of a folk dance
With a full view of your sorroundings you'll see...

Pleasure is an escapism for unfairness and stupidity
Let's do more hectic sways
It is not here, not there
It's the sweeping away tide of cause and effect
That ends here as well
Take it, steal it, tie it, Kill it

Put your body, your heart and even that life of yours on the line
Ah, this is pointless, even foolish
But that's not that, that is love
A bittersweet sense of justice
That has been kept off from a chaotic infinity

A bewitched paradise of atrocities and depravation
Come! Be smeared yourself in a lot of colours
This is love, a drowning love
As you sink into your feelings
I want to enclose behind forbidden doors
And make my devilish dream come true.

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